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Blue Marble Geographics Releases Version 24.1 of Global Mapper Pro

Blue Marble Geographics ( is pleased to announce the immediate availability of v24.1 for Global Mapper Pro. This new update includes improved power pole classification using segmentation, a wizard to guide users settings in Pixels to Points, a new viewer for data merging in the Mobile Data Management tool, Convolution filters, and much more! 

Further enhancing Global Mapper Pro’s suite of lidar classification tools, version 24.1 includes an update to the power pole classification workflow. By using segmentation, a method of spectral partitioning and cluster analysis, power poles can be automatically detected and classified with a new option in the Non-Ground Classification tool. 

Choosing the correct settings for photogrammetric point cloud processing can be daunting for users new to the practice, so a Pixels to Points Wizard was added in version 24.1 to help guide users to the optimal settings based on their desired output. By balancing processing time and quality, the Pixels to PointsWizard makes the photogrammetric process more accessible to users looking to create a point cloud, 3d mesh, and orthoimages from drone imagery. 

Merging separate mobile data files into one dataset has never been easier with the Mobile Management tool, now enhanced with a viewer to visualize the files to be merged. Data collected with the Global Mapper Mobile application can be brought back from the field into the office to be merged with another dataset to ensure updates from both files are maintained. New in version 24.1, the updated files can be merged with existing data in Global Mapper without the need for creating or maintaining an original mobile file. 

“Updating Global Mapper Pro is always an exciting time,” stated Jeffery Hatzel, Product Manager. “These updates often touch on a wide variety of tools in Pro since our users implement such varied workflows. This latest release adds a viewer to the mobile data merge tool which allows users to visually assess field data, and a new wizard in the Pixels to Points tool to guide users through set-up and expansions, to segmentation based point cloud classification are some of the other exciting new Pro features.”

Creating easy-to-use, customer driven geospatial software that provides is a leading objective for the Global Mapper application and guides l Blue Marble program development. With Global Mapper version 24.1, Blue Marble continues to commit to this goal by providing a comprehensive and affordable geospatial software program suited to expert and novice users alike. 

To learn more about the new features available in standard and Pro versions of Global Mapper v24.1, register and join us for the ‘What’s new in v24.1?” webinar on Wednesday, March 1st

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